Phil takes the light rail and the bus to work.

Phil lives in South End, and he works in Ballantyne. He does not have a car and relies on CATS to get everywhere he needs to go. He finds riding CATS to be a big money saver and very easy to use.


Phil catches the light rail.

It’s a short walk from his apartment to the New Bern light rail station where he catches the LYNX Blue Line.


Phil gets off the light rail and walks to the bus.

Phil takes the light rail to the Sharon Road West station and then takes a short walk to the bus stop across the street.


Phil catches the Route 43 to his office in Ballantyne.


Phil arrives.

In just a few minutes Phil arrives in Ballantyne, where his office is just a short walk from the bus stop.


You can purchase tickets with debit or credit cards at any LYNX station. Weekly or monthly passes, which provide unlimited rides on both light rail and local bus routes, can be purchased at a number of convenient places around Charlotte. Click here for a list of locations where you can purchase CATS passes.

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