Lynn takes an express bus to work.

Lynn is a professional who lives in Mountain Island and likes the stress-free, ease and convenience of taking CATS. Lynn takes an Express bus which offers quicker service to and from the outskirts of the city because it makes fewer stops.

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Lynn drives to the nearest park and ride.

Lynn drives about six minutes to the Callabridge Commons Park and Ride. She parks her car and walks to the bus stop just a few feet away.


Lynn boards the Route 88x Mountain Island Express.

She boards the bus and swipes her CATS pass, or sometimes pays $3 cash. The trip to Uptown usually takes a little less than 30 minutes. When riding Lynn likes to read and catch up on email before she gets into the office.


Lynn arrives.

When the bus arrives in Uptown, Lynn gets off at the 3rd and McDowell stop and walks a short distance to work.


Express buses offer quick service with minimal stops from the suburbs to the Uptown area. Perfect for morning and evening commutes.

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