Fred drives a CATS Vanpool to work.

Fred lives in Salisbury but works in Uptown Charlotte. Fred started driving a CATS Vanpool to take him and others who live in the area to work. He likes the vanpool program because it saves him money and wear and tear on his personal vehicle.

How he does it


Fred meets the riders in his vanpool.

In a large business parking lot in Salisbury, Fred meets his other riders at a set specific time. They all leave their cars in the lot for the day.


Fred hits the road.

Fred takes I-85 toward Charlotte. On the drive, riders relax, listen to music, chat, or start their work day by reading and writing emails.


Fred drops off riders.

Fred makes a couple of stops at the workplaces for people in his vanpool and then heads to his office.


Fred Arrives.

Fred parks the van at work, and at the end of the day, he picks up the people that he dropped off and they head back to Salisbury.


PRO TIP: You can start a vanpool with as few as 4 people and 7- or 15-passenger vans are available. Start or join an existing vanpool and save as much as 50% on your personal commuting costs. Learn more by sending an email to

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