Catherine bikes to work.

Catherine lives in the Dilworth neighborhood, and she rides her bike to work in Uptown. She finds the commute safe, relaxing and can often get to work faster, only 12 to 15 minutes, than she would if she were driving.



Catherine starts pedaling.

Catherine puts all the materials she needs for work in her backpack. She puts her helmet on and she hits the road.


Catherine keeps pedaling.

She starts on neighborhood streets. When riding, Catherine likes to use the city’s bike lanes when possible, but finds biking on most any road fairly easy in Charlotte.


Catherine arrives to work.

When she gets to work, she secures her bike on one of the many bike racks around the city.


The Charlotte Greenway, parks and other trails are not only more scenic places to ride your bike, they can often help you get to where you are going faster.

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